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-Faerie Princess: Nevermore-



-Faerie Princess: Violet Chaser-


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Not everyone wants to grow up to be a faerie princess.

Me in particular. Of course, the bad news is I actually am one. Or at least I used to be. As soon as I realized I was better at throwing punches than kissing babies, I split. I ran so far I thought that life would never find me. And it didn’t until a faerie was murdered in New York City. The last thing I want is to be dragged back into that hell, but if I don’t find answers about who is killing faeries, my entire race could be in jeopardy.

Then just when I think things can’t get any worse, I meet the one man who could ruin everything. He’s delicious, intense, and has these blue eyes that make me forget my name. Oh, did I mention he’s a vampire? Yeah, as far as faeries go, it doesn’t get more deadly than vampires. So why can’t I seem to stay away from him?

I’m Cy Vanguard. Bounty Hunter. Faerie Princess. Call me what you want. But if you’re the one who murdered that faerie, you better hope you’re running when I find you.


“It’s beautiful,” I said.
I didn’t realize I’d whispered until he moved to me. The air thickened as he reached his hand up to my hair. He picked a piece of grass out of it and dropped it onto the floor.
“You look good here,” he whispered back, then corrected himself with a grin. “Well, you look good anywhere.”
I dropped my eyes down. I laughed a soft laugh because I didn’t know what to say to that. I noticed how close our bodies were. It’d never be close enough though. The space pulled at me. I’d missed him. I wanted to close the space and show him how much, but I was here for a reason.
“Sven…” I looked back up but was taken aback by the desire in his eyes.
He was like a magnet as he reached his hands up to thread them into my hair. His lips came down to touch softly against mine. My eyelids fluttered closed.
One of his hands wrapped around my torso, burning me through the thin cotton of my shirt. The pressure of his hands was slight but it was enough to close the last few inches that separated us. The world tilted on its axis as he slanted his lips over mine and kissed me deeper. Need curled in my stomach.
I wound my hands around his neck and pulled him against me. I ground my lips against his, all the words I wanted to say lost to his embrace.
I don’t know how long we stood there, clinging to each other in that sky palace of a penthouse he called home. Finally, he broke his lips from mine in a gasp of air. Somewhere along the way he’d slipped his hands into my jeans and had cupped my backside in those massive hands. He used his position to lift me against him. My mind spun as his hardness rubbed against me through our jeans.
“Let’s go upstairs,” he breathed against my lips.
My mind warred with my body. I wanted to go with him with every fiber of my being, but I needed to tell him about Thomas. I needed to tell him about the vampire at the farm. And I needed to tell him I was a faerie.
The thought scared me, but if I loved him, if I trusted him, what was stopping me? If we were going to be together, it was only a matter of time before he found out anyway.
While I’d been busy thinking, Sven had brought his hands out of my pants. The cold air kissed my stomach as he undid the button on them. It brought me back to the magic of his touch.
He returned his hands to my bottom and slid the jeans off my curves. The buttery fabric grazed my thighs as it dropped to my calves. He bent down, trailing his hands down my thighs and circling my calves as he reached my feet. My stomach fluttered almost as much as my back as he went to his knees. I steadied myself against his broad back as he picked up each foot and slipped my feet out of the legs one by one.
My undoing was his looking up at me from my feet like that. This man of such primal power and absolute control was plainly saying he was mine to command. His eyes begged me. Desire radiated from his every pore. I decided we could have our conversation later.

Available Exclusively through Amazon & kindleunlimited.


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